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The Billionaire Buttfuck Challenge

An eccentric billionaire has made you an offer. You get an exponential payoff for the biggest vegetable you can fit in your butt. You can only try one vegetable, and if you fail, you get nothing at all. What do you pick?

Eat Shit and Cry

You’ve made the decision to sample human shit for sexual gratification, but you aren’t into it. In the aftermath, is the rest of your life more like recovering from a car wreck, or losing a limb?

“Get the Scoop, Take the Schlong” starring Morgan Freeman’s Cock

Morgan Freeman has agreed to play the lead in a new rom com, only if his co-star is the disabled shock-comic “Donovan CrippDaddy.”

A Time-Traveling Chimp’s Asshole and Johnny Depp

A Chimp from the future has come to 2022 with an important mission, but in a terrible scuffle his asshole becomes fused to Johnny Depp’s arm.

FISTING LINCOLN Pt 2– Bigger Fists, Smaller Midgets

“Honest Abe” honestly loved fisting and midgets, and in the second half of our first two-parter we find our pre-presidential hero in New Orleans, looking for his next great night of fucking.