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Yes, you can buy happiness. Buy a dog.

  by Harper the Fox, author of Wandering Lust

This is a short burst of appreciation for Sam the Dog: a true hero behind all of our work.

I am so grateful for this playful, goofy, loving creature. Since Max and I adopted him a couple of years ago, everything has gotten better. 

Our lives have more stability, because whatever else is going on, Sam needs exercise. He needs food. He needs walks. Just by existing, Sam compels us to see the sunshine even when we want to be homebodies. 

Our moods are more stable, because whenever things feel too tumultuous, Sam is there to help quiet things down. I have staved off many a fight or mild panic attack by sitting next to a snoozing Sam, petting his soft ears, and scritching the loose folds of skin around his neck and face. 

Our days have more laughter, because there is no off-switch on Sam’s silliness. Whether he is busy losing a battle against a bug smaller than his toe, sleeping in an incomprehensible contortion, or sprinting wildly through a case of the zoomies, this puppy makes us smile every single day.

Good boy, Sam. You make life so much better. Thank you for being my pupperoni. 


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