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Vomit on a Scank Face

by Max Mooseman, author of Bastard! A Mushroom Trip

Recently I have been re-visiting some old animation work I did about a year ago. My partner, Harper, and I worked together to make the first ever live-interactive-cartoon-cam-ho. She was beautiful. A cartoon you could hang out with online. You could get to know her, she could get to know you and (if you tipped) she would whip out her boobs and shake them around. A true modern marvel. We called her Abby Oddly.

Our first day broadcasting our little miracle was a huge success. We had at least 17,000 viewers at any given moment for hours. Hundreds of thousands watched Abby live in her first weekend and a lot of people loved her. The haters also emerged. 

The kind of hate we got was new for me. While my porn has a lot more views than my cartoons, those views didn’t happen all at once and in a way that made people feel their careers were threatened. A lot of “real” live cam girls and their groveling white knights were as welcoming to our little creation as Klan members to an illegal migrant at the sister-fucking factory. 

I always heard that large successes breed hate and I had always wondered how I would take that reaction if it happened to me. I thought I might crumble. I am very neurotic and I spend an embarrassing amount of time believing that everyone hates me, that it is my fault, and that I should be ashamed of myself. I also spend a great deal of time courting attention and making off-color jokes. I am a man of many contradictions. 

When the messages filled with bile and threats came pouring in on the back of our little run of good fortune I had my answer. I fucking loved it. LOVED IT! I laughed at every single one. I don’t know what that says about me.

Our little project made a good profit for a few months and then started to lose money so we shut it down, as real independent artists have to do when money starts to run away from passion. I miss a lot about that project but mostly I miss the passionate and creative ways people told me I was a disgusting person who was going to be badly hurt or killed any day. 

I pray that my upcoming projects someday inspire someone to once again tell me something as thoughtful as “when she rips off her top for titties, it makes me want to throw up my lunch all over her scank face.”

The quote is from our most detailed and loving hate letter. I have it saved. Incidentally it is from a young model who was banned from working because she let her dog eat her out live on cam. She claims it was an elaborate blackmail plot. I have included her full letter below so you can enjoy the glow of the hate my little cartoon ho inspired. 

Aside from Abby, I made a bunch of other cartoons who all contributed to a fake advice blog. I am going to be slowly moving their content to Dirty Folk because I want to reignite that project in an affordable way. I love making dirty cartoons. I am passionate about it. Now, I leave you with this. If you are an artist who is afraid to release their work because you worry you might be hated, remember you just might like the hate just as much or more than the praise. Also, your haters might be fucking their dog. 


Enjoy the letter.



I truley mean this when I say it, but you guys are ruining the cam industry!  

If you are sooo good at designing things, and have the best team (as u say)

Then take your time and resources some where else, go make your own web site for toon money grubbing bitches. 

Seriously, what is your problem, coming to a site where men enjoy and prefer the real deal, physically aswell, not just emotionally (which your playing on….. which is sick) 

Chaturbate is for real woman, men and trans, who acually work hard, unlike Abby LMFAO……I dont care is she was a hard working cam girl up until this point or not, its truly pathetic in every way, when she rips off her top for titties, it makes me want to throw up my lunch all over her scank face.  

Go find traffic some where else, because all the traffic here is meant for the humans, u fucking animals, go smoke some bongs and choke on the 3 year old bong water and die from it!!!!!!

You give hippies everywhere a bad name, shame on you and every member of your team, I wish the same for each one of them. And I hope you share my thoughts with them, and if they laugh, it means they are ALL inbreed retards who jack off to there mothers.

Every day that Abby, or any other monster you create is live online, I will be there to try my best to ruin it for him or her. mark my words, your “Adventure” will never be as fun as you want with me around. 

Get out the game while u still can because us models protesting will stand up together to take you scum of the earth out like cockroaches 

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