Open Bobs BB Vol 1 – Digital / Paperback


Open Your Bobs, Open Your Mind (Volume 1)


Published Independently

As a small, independent operation, we can offer our authors an enormous percentage of all sales compared to large publishing houses. So our authors are slightly less poor than your average writer.

Delightfully Subversive

Our books contain potatoes in vaginas, child-zombies, poems about poop, and a cock that gets stretched like laffy taffy. There are no stuffy editors telling our authors not to do that hilarious shit.

Instant Gratification

We know what it's like to order something online and immediately start checking tracking info, upset that it's not already at your door. That's why we offer digital books as instant downloads.



Do you know how to get cum out of your clothes, or what’s great about being a slut? Have you ever read the horror stories from EMTs witnessing sex injuries? Have you ever considered putting a unicorn horn inside you? How much do you really know about consent? …

Let’s face it– we all need a little self-help sometimes when it comes to sex education. The touching and hilarious articles at have left readers delighted, enthralled, and occasionally horrified. A wide assortment of authors come together in this first collection of the best articles ever written about relationships, sex, and sexuality.

This book will offer you a range of perspectives on many issues where we all crave help. What is an open relationship really like? What do I need to know about STDs? How can I watch porn with my partner, or even suggest a threesome? The Open Bobs writers are here for you.

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Paperback / Digital

Paperback, Digital

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