“Divine Chaos: A Tale of the Undead” – Digital / Paperback


What if your world was struck by a plague worse than death?
In this dark fiction, families are torn apart… literally. When the infection takes hold, anyone you trust may become a monster ready to rip your skin off for a meal. As Helene searches neighboring towns and hamlets, desperate for a cure, she must face a dark and critical reality– she, too, is diseased.

One by one, her body parts fall prey to what she most fears. It is a race against time as she tries desperately to avenge her family, and save herself.

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Published Independently

As a small, independent operation, we can offer our authors an enormous percentage of all sales compared to large publishing houses. So our authors are slightly less poor than your average writer.

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Our books contain potatoes in vaginas, child-zombies, poems about poop, and a cock that gets stretched like laffy taffy. There are no stuffy editors telling our authors not to do that hilarious shit.

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We know what it's like to order something online and immediately start checking tracking info, upset that it's not already at your door. That's why we offer digital books as instant downloads.


An Excerpt From Divine Chaos: A Tale of the Undead

“Stop moving.”

        She took several more steps before his words sunk in. Helene did not feel cold fear as she should have, but her entire body seemed to have shut down. Had something seen them? Or was this merely a trick that the merchant was playing on her? His body was suddenly so very close to hers, his hand on her wrist as he lifted it. She followed the length of her own arm to where he forced her to point.

Among the trees and the rain stood a body. The being seemed to be swaying, body hunched over as one hand grasped onto the trunk of the nearest tree to steady itself. Was it a hurt man or was it diseased?

        The merchant slowly drew the knife from his side, not daring to make any moves forward. The being’s head had lifted, moving from side to side. It was searching the air for them and Helene was certain it had caught a sniff. That hand on her wrist tightened significantly.

        “We are just a few miles from the town. They cannot run faster than us. If it gets to the point where you need to run are you able to?”

        Helene nodded lightly and the merchant began stepping forward, his hand still wrapped around her. The diseased took several staggering steps away from the tree, still searching the air. Helene took a deep breath and began walking down the pathway with him, her heart pounding wildly in her chest. She had seen diseased before, but always from behind a line of protection and not just a simple man with a small knife. A man she needed to trust with everything.

        That was when she saw the second diseased.


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Paperback / Digital

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