“Bastard! A Mushroom Trip” – Digital / Paperback / Autographed


An angry young man takes a heroic dose of magic mushrooms in an attempt to travel through his past and fix his broken life. Along the way he is guided by his chatty dead dog and other mysterious spirit guides.

Max Mooseman channels the style of Vonnegut to create a cross between a crass Christmas Carol and a vulgar Wonderland with a dash of funk. “Bastard!” is an engrossing page-turner that will have you laughing, crying and shouting in public.

Digital, Paperback, and Autographed Paperbacks now available!

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Dimensions 8 × 5 × .75 in
Paperback / Digital

Paperback, Digital, Autographed Paperback

An Excerpt From Bastard! A Mushroom Trip

All four are naked partly because it is hellishly hot and there is no air conditioning and partly because they are usually all naked in the house. They are all waiting for the come up. The mushrooms should kick in any minute.

“I don’t want to be in this house when I go up,” says Brenda. “Get dressed everybody, we are going to the field.”

They all nod and shift off to grab some clothes.

Roman is the last one out the door. As the door closes Roman hears the scratch of a dog’s claws against it from the inside. “The fuck?” None of them have a dog. He pops the door back open and peers inside. Nothing. Maybe he is coming up.

The four friends lay down in the lush grass of the vast athletic fields maintained and owned by the fancy private college both Heather and Brenda attend.

“I’m starting to get some visuals when I look at the tree tops,” says Darrell.

Roman shields his eyes from the sun and looks across the field to the border created by some mighty evergreens. The tips of the trees are just beginning to swirl against the clear blue of the sky. Roman’s eyes follow the trees down to the ground where he sees, for a moment, a dog come out of the tree line. The dog looks right at him before dipping back into the trees. Roman smiles and thinks, “that dog looks just like Kenny.” Roman lays back in the grass and closes his eyes.  He is nauseous again. The come up has begun in earnest.

“I am officially up,” says Brenda. “Time to explore! I am going to the creek to quack at ducks. Any takers?”

Heather raises her hand. “A million times yes.”

“Roman?” asks Brenda.

“I think I want to be alone for awhile,” says Roman. “I am on a mission.”


Roman chuckles to himself. He lays back in the grass and closes his eyes. “Alone at last,” he thinks. He takes a big breath in and exhales the last bit of nausea from his lungs.

“Those are some good friends you’ve got there,” says a voice close to Roman.

Roman’s eyes snap open and he sits up quick. Roman blinks and rubs his eyes. He can’t believe what he is seeing in front of him. “Kenny?”

“My nigga,” says Kenny and smiles a big doggo smile. “It is real good to see you.”