Harper The Fox

Dirty Folk Founder; Sex Icon;

Animator; Musician;

Epic Poetry Queen

Harper The Fox  was born in Minnesota. She began writing poetry as a young child, and was published for the first time at 15. Themes surrounding the natural world, sex, and resilience have always appeared in her work.

After releasing her poems into the air with the help of a Kickstarter project, she set off traveling all over the United States. Her years of travel and van-living profoundly inform this collection. 

Harper lives in Boise, Idaho with her devoted partner, Max, and her hound dog, Sam.

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by Harper the Fox

What do I Do?

Most of my readers would assume the answer is “porn,” or maybe “I’m a camgirl.” But even those answers are more shallow than the truth.

Making New Porn

Yesterday, my sexy bearded workmate and I filmed three new pornos in the span of 2 hours, hitting new fetish categories that are often requested.

Fuck the List

For the last few days, I have been really down. I have a long list of things to be sad about that all seem reasonable… and, fuck that list.

How I Get Horny

If you believe that people who cam or make porn are horny 100% of the time, you are mistaken. I am a normal person, and my arousal comes and goes.