art by Tara @SentFrmHeaven_

Beachfront property in Idaho sounds LOVELY, doesn’t it? Gentle ocean waves lapping at your toes as the potato fields slowly begin to flood… polar bears swimming desperately towards the half-sunken rockies, looking for their last little bit of snow… just pull up a chair and take a ringside seat!

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Porn is Absolutely Disgusting

Porn is absolutely disgusting and unwanted most of us most of the time. I will provide proof. FACT: In America, there are 1440 minutes in a single day. FACT: An 8 hour night of sleep contains 480 minutes Imagine it is 2 hours until your work alarm goes off. You are...

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Trump and Hillary do the AEE

Trump and Hillary at the AEE! find the two dirtiest politicians at the expo all day! Today only you can meet Trump and Hillary as they get down and dirty American porn style at the AVN. Trump is sure to be presidential and Hillary is sure to be drunk! The majority of...

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