a selection from the upcoming “The Bastard’s Bible” by Max the Moose.

Maybe the lady ducks are asking for it. Maybe they like to be chased and gangbanged by a bunch of random dudes from the block. Maybe they like it rough. Maybe some of them seek out bigger and more dangerous gangs of ducks to really fuck them left right and sideways. Maybe they don’t get off unless they bleed. Maybe they want corkscrew duck dick after corkscrew duck dick to pound them until they pass out. Maybe they are all consenting aducks just trying to give the little duck pain sluts all the degrading, nasty, dirty, aggressive, fucking they ever wanted plus an adorable family to settle down with. Maybe at the end of a long day of avoiding being eaten from all directions it is just nice to let the boys really tear it up.

All ducks are rapists you say. How the fuck would you know?! Do you speak duck?! Then why don’t you cool it with the ugly allegations homey.

Do you think ducks get a bad wrap? Duck off, and give us $8.50

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