The questions you ask yourself make you what you are. Something suspected of being suspicious teems with shadows and worried glances. Your whole world becomes focused, if only for a moment, on paranoia.

How about these common questions?

What are you missing? What am I missing? What a powerless vision of the world.

I spent all summer watching a grape vine climb a tree.

It started about 6 feet away from the tree.

By the end of the summer it had climbed 20 feet up the tree.

When you think of yourself as missing something you are powerless to fix your problem.

What do I already have that I can grow? What about myself do I love that I can feed and nurture so it grows all the more lovely?

That’s what the grape vine did and it made it twenty feet into the tree.

Those who decide they are missing something vital wander and worry.

Those who decide to grow what they have bloom.

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